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Why isn't my discount code working?Updated a year ago

If you're having trouble getting a discount code to work, don't worry, there are a few common reasons why this might be happening. Below are some tips that can help you get your discount code working:

Check the expiration date: One of the most common reasons a discount code doesn't work is that it has expired. Double-check the expiration date to make sure the code is still valid.

Verify the terms and conditions: Some discount codes have specific terms and conditions that need to be met before they can be applied. For example, the code may only be valid for certain products or categories, or a minimum purchase amount may be required to use the code. 

Ensure the code is entered correctly: It's easy to mistype a discount code or confuse similar-looking letters or numbers. Double-check that you have entered the code correctly and that there are no extra spaces or characters.

Try a different browser: Sometimes, browser settings can interfere with discount codes. If you're having trouble getting a code to work, try switching to a different browser and see if that solves the problem.

Contact customer support: If none of the above tips work, contact us at [email protected] for assistance. 

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